Bulk Email – Web Interface via SMTP Software’s PowerMTA, Qmail

Bulk Email – Web Interface via SMTP Software’s PowerMTA, Qmail

There are occasions when your web access supplier or your web host won’t allow mass messaging from your current messaging programming. This is the place GNEC Media ventures in and offers you the unrivaled favorable position of SMTP servers and SMTP programming, for example, PowerMTA and QMail through a web interface. These are a similar programming utilized by email specialist organizations. GNEC Media offers you the energy of these SMTP based arrangements that enable you to send a large number of messages in a hour without stressing over your ISP limitations. We set up a web program based interface for extraordinary convenience, helping you end up plainly profitable from the very first moment.

We offer Optimized dedicated smtp servers to send millions of emails on daily basis regardless of text or html promotional or transactional. Our each dedicated smtp server has dedicated hardware including RAM, CPU, HDD, IPs, bandwidth. We also offer free mailing software plus free DKIM, SPF, rDNS setup with our bulk smtp servers. Our smtp servers comes with multiple additional ips so that your mails go non stop without blocking due to rate limits from ISP’s i.e yahoo, aol, hotmail, gmail.

We offer free email marketing software that allows to track down each single email delivery status and logs. you can track down your campaign how many people opened, bounces, rejections etc… The software also allows to manage your lists and export good and bad email addresses for future use.
Support: We working 24/7 so you can contact us anytime using phone, email, ticket or via online chat at our website.

We know the significance of accessibility! That is the reason we offer assurance that your server will accessible no less than 99% of the time as a yearly mean. It’s essential for business applications, when server breakdowns can undoubtedly prompt money related and picture misfortunes.

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